Kayli hat gesagt…

you are in China? that is soooooo awesome!! how long are u planning to visit there for? i see that you posted pics of Shanghai on your last post!! that's so amazing!! i have never been there before, been dying to go there for long now!! how's the weather like there? hope you have having a blast there!! :)

lyn_ hat gesagt…

Hey Kayli :) I was there for 10 Days ( Wayyy too short!) but now I'm Back in Sweet Home Germany. China was absolutely awesome. Just much more bigger than I thought. I mean, I know China is huge , but I didn't expect it to be sooooo huge :D You feel so short there, in this big Citys, with so many People in it. When I was back in Germany, everything felt so tiny :p You have to go there, it is really stunning. But please don't rest there for less than 10 Days, because it will be really stressful if you want to see many Things at this short Time ;) Have a great week!

Leni hat gesagt…

die Bilder sind ein traum :)
wie hübsch die sind :)

lyn_ hat gesagt…

Vielen Lieben Dank :)

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